About Me

I’m Alex and I’m a commercial freelance photographer based in Sheffield. Adopting a documentary approach, my work portrays images that are natural, raw and contemporary. I work to no set formula – every wedding is unique. I adapt to the environment using the atmosphere of the wedding to create original and picturesque images.

My approach on the day is to observe, without interruption and to document your wedding day to capture those true genuine moments. I will not dictate how the day goes and I do not have a list of set shots I want for the day. This day is about you, I’m just there to photograph it.

I will capture the energy of the room, the tiny details people may have missed, all of the tears and laughter. I will be there to show a beautiful story at the end of it all, which you can look back on for years to come.

When Im not shooting weddings, my work mainly focuses on travel and lifestyle. I first went traveling independently 10 years ago and from then on, never looked back. I fully immerse myself into different cultures and always stay longer than planned.

I’m from the beautiful historic town of Stamford, but relocated to Sheffield a couple of years ago to pursue a professional life as a photographer. I live in a little 1930’s bungalow which I shelled with my partner and made more contemporary. The days I’m not photographing, you will find me painting walls, buying a million plants or driving to the peaks for a hike.

To see what I get up to outside of weddings, take a look at my other website.


Alexandra Wallace |

Wedding Photographer

'She captured the true moments I will never forget. Alex has impeccable timing, she is professional and is an indispensable source of knowledge. A true gift to you on your special day.'

Natalie Bell